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We are a web3 digital collectibles-first company celebrating fandoms, community & pride of ownership.

We want to grow the market by making digital collecting as authentic and fulfilling as physical collecting.

Erich Wood



Build on the psychology of collecting.

Offer more than price speculation.


Use decentralized ownership.

Become part of and stay true to existing IP fandoms.

We have been making digital collectibles for top brands for more than a decade.

Building digital collectibles since 2012 for brands like Star Wars, Disney, NFL and many more, our team has more experience making officially-licensed digital collectibles for top brands than anyone in the business.


We are a digital collectibles-first company. Blockchain adds true ownership.

Our mission is to make digital collectibles (or Tibles) as authentic and fulfilling as their physical counterparts. Hence Tibles are designed from the ground up to resonate with your native fan base, not just the crypto community.

We’ve built an easy-to-use, NFT-backed fan experience.

Fans buy packs with everyday buying options, trade (barter-style) with friends, and make Marketplace purchases to complete sets. Weekly drops and other events drive ongoing brand-to-fan and fan-to-fan engagement.

Digital World Map

We build on the Environmentally-Friendly Flow Blockchain

We chose Flow because it’s the fastest, affordable, and environmentally friendly option. Your Google search about NFT environmental impacts uses as much energy as minting a Tibles NFT on Flow. 😉

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