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Interactive Digital Trading Cards Supporting the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Museum


Tibles and the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Museum have come together to bring you Sk8tibles digital collectibles!  Buy, collect, trade, gift, and share digital trading cards, stickers, and more featuring the greatest skaters of all time. It’s easy, affordable fun for all!

Buy Packs.

It starts with easy-to-buy packs of cards or stickers. The packs contain randomly selected items. Each pack is a surprise!

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Get Cool Stuff!

Get duplicates of some, none of others in Limited or Standard Editions. Packs available in the shop are always changing, get updates on new, exclusive pack drops.

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Trade. Buy. Sell.

Complete sets by trading with friends and other fans or buying from the shop or Marketplace.

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Organize, display, & show off in the app and social media. Rank on leaderboards. Join challenges. Collect them all!

The Skateboarding Hall of Fame (SHoF)—established in 1997—was created to honor the contributions by legendary skateboarding icons to skateboarding history, industry and culture throughout the decades.

SHoF is a 501 c3 Non Profit Organization and was the World’s First Skateboarding Museum.  The 10,000 Square Foot Skateboarding Hall of Fame Museum is free to the public and is home to one of the largest Lookback Library’s in existence. With thousands of skateboarding magazines, books, videos and more all accessible and available to the public for research. It also features a small but fun indoor Skatepark with a fun mini ramp and more.  

They are run 100% by volunteers and rely on donations to continue bringing the Public fun and informative exhibits and displays. 

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Why Sk8tibles digital collectibles?

At Tibles, we’re on a mission to bring fans amazing and interactive collectibles. Collecting has always been a great way to express fandom, and digital collecting is another way to interact with the skateboarders you know and love.

We continuously create new and unique Sk8tibles content exclusive to our platform. What’s more, we will build a fun community of Sk8tibles fans to hang with, trade, buy, sell, compete with and celebrate cool stuff with.

When you buy a Sk8tibles card or other virtual object, you’re buying a collectible as real and permanent as any you’d buy in the real world. That’s because Sk8tibles are NFTs minted and stored on the Flow blockchain. This means they are forever (regardless of what happens to Tibles!).

Want more interactive digital collecting fun?

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Tibles is Web3 digital collectibles company committed to making digital collecting as authentic and satisfying as physical collecting.

We’ll be launching a range of new products over the year. If you’d like to join our early access users and be among those on the inside track, sign up now!

We have a thriving and engaged community. Join us today!

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