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Collect a Piece of Skateboarding History

Tibles and the Skateboarding Hall of Fame are proud to introduce a new release to the Sk8tibles App, the Design Series.

The Design Series showcases innovative skateboards and components from skateboarding history going back as far as the 1960s, along with their original advertisements in a vintage Magazine variant and a classic product Blueprint. Each of the items featured in the set is currently on loan to the Design Museum of London and on display in their Skateboard Exhibition. The exhibition will be open until June 2024.

The Design Series is now available

Set Details

12 Cards in 2 Variants:

Magazine # 1-499

Blueprint # 1-199


Guaranteed Pack

$9.99/7.99 FLOW per pack of 5 guaranteed Design Series cards

Chance Pack

$3.99/3.49 FLOW per pack of 5 cards with a 10% chance at a Design Series card

A Challenge Double Kickflip

To celebrate the launch of the Design Series, we’ve got not one, but TWO leaderboard challenge events—one per variant. Each challenge comes with it’s own unique digital prize that will be distributed based on leaderboard position. We’ll only mint as many prizes as there are winners.

Rules and full prize details are available in the Sk8tibles app Events tab.

NOTE: Events are only available on iOS.


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