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Celebrate Fraggle Rock's 41st Anniversary with Tibles

Join the 41st Fraggle-versary Stack Challenge!

Who’s your favorite Fraggle Rock character? Are you collecting our brave and fearless leader, Gobo? Are you stacking your Reds because you just can’t get enough of her bold, bright enthusiasm? Do you have enough Doozers to construct your own crystal city? Maybe with all of that pack ripping, you’ve got so many dupes of Marjory the Trash Heap you could start your very own heap!

Well, here’s your chance to show them off!

The Fraggle Rock Anniversary Challenge

Share the cards in your collection that feature the character you love the most (or have the most of) to win TIBL and packs!

The Rules

  1. You must enter 10 items that feature the same character with a max entry of 100 items

  2. All items must feature the same character

  3. Items can be different variants

  4. Award cards count

The Awards

  • Everyone who enters the challenge will receive 4100 TIBL to celebrate Fraggle Rock's 41st Anniversary

  • Entries with over 24 items will additionally win a 5 draw pack of their choice

  • Entries that meet the 100 max will receive a 5 draw pack from every Tibles Fraggle Rock set

The Challenge ends Wednesday, January 17th @3pm ET!

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