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Seussibles! New Release: Fox in Socks Craftible

Now available in the Seussibles! app.

Set Details

The original Evergreen Sticker Book Fox in Socks paid homage to our favorite tongue-twisting duo. As the inside cover of the book warns, "Fox in Socks" is a book you READ ALOUD to find out just how smart your tongue is.

Now, in a new Limited Edition Craftibles chapter, you can combine your duplicate Fox in Socks stickers into rarer animated gold pins. The Fox in Socks Craftibles chapter features:

Cat in the Hat Art Cards
  • 12 animated gold pins

  • Tap to flip each one for new trivia and quotes from the book

  • Mints range from #1-250

  • The recipe requires 10 base items, 7 buttons, 5 patches, and 2 pins

  • 8 hours to craft

  • You can get more Fox items to craft in the iOS Shop, on the webapp in USD or FLOW, on the peer to peer marketplace, or on through barter-style trading with your Seussibles! friends

The Fox in Socks Craftibles Leaderboard Event

Share a minimum of 3 and maximum of 12 of your highest scoring items from the Fox in Socks Craftibles Chapter here in the Fox in Socks Craftibles Leaderboard Event to earn TIBL tokens!

🏆 Top 10 on the Leaderboard

Earn 10,000 TIBL Tokens

🏆 Top 11-20 on the Leaderboard

Earn 5,000 TIBL Tokens

🏆 Top 21+ on the Leaderboard

Earn 1,000 TIBL Tokens

🏆 Top 31+ on the Leaderboard

Earn 500 TIBL Tokens

You must verify your identity to receive a prize.

CHALLENGE ENDS September 20th @2pm ET

Go on, get crafting and join the challenge! We’ll wait while you blab the blibber blubber with the tweetle beetles when they battle beetles in a puddle paddle battle in a bottle...

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