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New Year, New Sk8tibles Challenge

Join the SHoF Stack Challenge Today

Who’s your favorite skater featured in the Sk8tibles app so far? Are you filling your collection with Patti McGee Fliers or all of the Tony Hawk Pop cards you can get your hands on? Or maybe the pack gods have bestowed more base card dupes of a skater than you know what to do with?

Well, here’s your chance to show them off!

The Challenge

Share the cards in your collection that feature the skater you love the mostest (or have the mostest of) to win TIBL and tees!

Eric Koston Trading Cards

The Rules

  1. You must enter 10 items that feature the same skater with a max entry of 100 items

  2. All items must feature the same skater

  3. Items can be different variants

  4. Award cards count

The Awards

  • Everyone who enters the challenge will receive 2024 TIBL to celebrate the new year

  • Entries with over 24 items will be entered to win a Skateboarding Hall of Fame T-Shirt

  • Entries that meet the 100 max will earn a bonus 10k TIBL

The Challenge ends Tuesday, January 16th @3pm ET!


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