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The OneShots Shadowman Comic Showcase Event

Join by September 8th @2pm ET to earn TIBL!

Set Details

When Jack Boniface returns to his childhood home of New Orleans, he discovers that his late father, Josiah Boniface, was the hero known as Shadowman—the last line of defense between the world of the living and the arcane horrors of the Deadside, a nightmare world made of necromantic energy. Pursued by demonic forces, Jack must accept his legacy as next in line to become Shadowman.

This Limited Edition set features behind the scenes looks at the original Shadowman comic process art. Tap the cards to flip, and tap on each bubble on the card back to reveal.

Cat in the Hat Art Cards
  • 9 cards in 3 Shadowman-themed variants: Base, Vintage Horror Black and White, and Deadside

  • Mints range from #1-2000

  • $4.99 or 9.99 FLOW per pack of 5 cards

  • Earn 25 TIBL rewards with each pack purchase

  • You can buy packs with USD or FLOW on the OneShots Webapp with your Dapper Wallet.

The Shadowman Comic Showcase Event

Share a complete Shadowman: Birth Rites set to the Deadside Showcase Event earn TIBL.

🏆 Mixed Set

Earn 1000 TIBL

🏆 Base Set

Earn 2500 TIBL

🏆 B/W Set

Earn 3500 TIBL

🏆 Deadside Set

Earn 5000 TIBL


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