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The Upcycled Art Show featuring The Cat in the Hat vol. 2 Challenge and Gallery Showcase

The Gallery is open until September 5th at 4pm ET

The Details

This Collector’s Edition set features unique sketches from behind the scenes of the creation of our favorite cat’s first publication. Card backs feature the corresponding finished published work–what we see in the beloved book today–along with an official seal and Seussibles! sticker of authenticity.

Cat in the Hat Art Cards
  • 24 cards in a single variety

  • 150 prints of each unique Dr. Seuss original sketch minted

  • $99.99 USD or 199.99 FLOW per pack of 3 cards

  • Earn double TIBL rewards with each pack purchase and on the Marketplace for all items in Seussibles!

  • You can buy packs with USD or FLOW on the Seussibles! Webapp with your Dapper Wallet.

The Cat in the Hat Challenge

Complete the Upcycled Art Show Cat in the Hat vol. 2 to earn the final card in the Collection: The Cat in the Hat Vol. 2 #26.This card completes the full Cat in the Hat Upcycled Collection of #1-50.

Awards will be minted to the exact number of collectors on the Leaderboard and card serial numbers will be given out based on Leaderboard position. You must hold on to your complete set until the snapshot on September 5th at 4pm ET and you must complete identity verification (KYC) to receive an award.

Bonus Gallery Showcase

Share your favorite pieces from any of the Upcycled Art Show sets to the Gallery Showcase Event and earn *500 TIBL! Be sure to drop a note and tell us why, too!


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