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Tibles Fraggle Rock NEW Release

With a little help from your friends down at Fraggle Rock in this new release, your day is sure to be packed with positivity!

A Little Help From Your Friends New Release Details


  • Black #1-800

  • Yellow #1-600

  • Blue #1-400

  • Red #1-200


Join the Power of Positivity Showcase Event

Just drop a positive message to the community, your favorite words of wisdom, or an encouraging quote along with a completed “A Little Help From Your Friends” set in the Event Room. You’ll earn TIBL and bonus packs of cards—because our Craftible variant is soon to follow!

Complete rules and awards can be found in the Event description.

NOTE: Events are only available in the Tibles Fraggle Rock iOS app.

Event ends December 8th @2pm ET.

3 gold embossed cards from the Valiant Files Craftibles.
Some Fraggle Rock Words of Wisdom


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