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Introducing Crafting to OneShots

Now, you can combine items in your collection to create new, rarer collectibles!

What is Crafting?

Crafting in a Tibles app allows you to convert several “common” items into one “rare” item. This not only creates a new, rarer collectible, it also reduces the overall supply of the original items.

How will Crafting work in OneShots?

There is a new tab in the Shop called “Craftibles” (you know, like craft + tibles). Note, crafting is only available on iOS, and a craftible can only be acquired through crafting, trading, and marketplace—not pack purchases.

Each item in a craftible set has a recipe indicating which items are required to craft it (the ingredients).

Once you have all the ingredients, you can do the craft (a.k.a burn the ingredient items and receive the craftible item in return

Craftibles Launch in OneShots Friday @ 2pm ET with The Valiant Files, which is now Limited Edition! Packs are available in the Shop at a celebratory launch discount now. Find the full details in the OneShots app.

3 gold embossed cards from the Valiant Files Craftibles.
The Valiant Files Gold Edition


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