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Tibles 2023 Year End Update


2023 was quite a year for Tibles, and indeed the whole industry. Collectors in Seussibles!, Sk8tibles, OneShots, Tibles Fraggle Rock, and Aggretsuko Tibles acquired over 456,000 items in primary and secondary markets: 327,000 in packs; 75,000 through gifting; 40,000 in trades; and 14k through crafting!

And while growth was challenging in this market, we were able to deliver three key features for the ecosystem:

  • We released Craftibles, our crafting feature that lets collectors mint new rare items by combining common items. Over 280,000 items were burned through crafting this year in Seussibles!, Tibles Fraggle Rock, and OneShots.

  • We created a new Events screen that lets us run different kinds of in-app challenges through one portal. Prizes have included new collectibles, TIBL tokens, and even physical merchandise.

  • We launched TIBL, our in-app utility token that operates like a combination loyalty points program and in-app currency. In the off-chain ledger, we distributed 18.5 million of the 100 million TIBL supply to users via air drops and rewards. Those users spent 400,000 TIBL in our apps on things like trading, tipping, and crafting speed-ups.

On the content front, January saw the public launch of Tibles Fraggle Rock, officially-licensed by the Jim Henson Company and featuring the beloved characters of the classic Fraggle Rock TV show from the 1980s.

In May, we launched Sk8tibles in collaboration with the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. Sk8tibles featured our first two physical giveaways, which included a "Thank You" skate deck signed by icons Daewon Song and Torey Pudwill, and a vintage Life Magazine signed by skate great Patti McGee.

So, what’s next for Tibles?


Product Strategy

  • TIBL Token. Our goal is to have TIBL on-chain and listed by the end of 2024. There are three parts to this work: building more utility for TIBL through app features, developing and integrating the on-chain ledger, and managing the legal and economic aspects.

  • Account Linking. This feature will allow collectors to take control of their Tibles wallets by creating a non-custodial parent Flow account. Then all your Tibles items will be accessible in any experience that uses the Flow Reference Wallet. Once TIBL are on-chain, your personal Flow account will hold your TIBL tokens.

  • TIBL Marketplace. Currently you can buy and sell items with TIBL in OneShots, including privately negotiated bulk sales via the trading mechanic. In 2024, we will add features like sales history and bulk listings, and also present our ultimate vision of Storefronts, where collectors can stake TIBL to operate their own marketplaces and communities.

  • Tibles App. This new app combines all of your Tibles items into one place while still keeping the individual apps available. The Tibles app will focus on cross-property collecting (trading, events, marketplace, social) and maybe even some original Tibles content. We’ll be inviting testers in soon.

Content Strategy

  • Economy Rebalancing. Our collections have excess supply. Crafting has helped, but we feel burning unsold inventory is needed. That said, going forward we will still need to ensure enough supply that a set can be profitable over the long term.

  • Marbles. This is our first original IP, created for our Marbles app, which features fantasy marble racing using TIBL. We’re looking forward to sharing Marbles with everyone early next year. We think the art is amazing!

  • OneShots. We are working with independent comic book artists to produce new sets for OneShots. The Creator Series will kick off early in the new year with a classic comic and a graphic novel. We anticipate more of these independent collabs throughout the year.

  • Sk8tibles and Tibles Fraggle Rock.  We’ll be releasing new sets of collectibles and running  new events with IRL prizes, rare sets, and Craftibles all year.

  • Seussibles!. We will begin burning unsold inventory once we receive final word on ongoing processes. We may also hold back some of the low serials to use as prizes for events.

  • Aggretsuko Tibles. The Aggretsuko Tibles pack shop will be closing next Friday, December 29. This means your go-to place for buying and selling Aggretsuko Tibles collectibles will be the web Marketplace, which can be accessed on desktop and mobile. The iOS app will remain available with trading, gifting, social, and collection browsing features. Plus, once account linking is complete, you’ll be able to access your stuff in any app that supports the Flow Reference Wallet.

Community Updates

  • Discord. We will be reorganizing the Tibles Discord, consolidating into general “Tibles'' channels. Our goal is to simplify the structure and unite the Tibles communities. This will launch with the new year.

  • Social Media. We’ll also be looking to bring our socials under the Tibles umbrella. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and soon on Pinterest and tiktok.

  • The Tibles Podcast. More info to come!


Thank you for being part of the Tibles community! We look forward to seeing you all in 2024. If you have any questions or thoughts, shoot us an email or head over to the Tibles Discord.

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!


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