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What is Tibles?

Here at Tibles, we love collecting and we believe in the future of digital ownership. Our first objective is to provide a core collecting experience that empowers you to achieve your collecting goals:

  • Build and curate your collection

  • Organize and display your collectibles

  • Socialize with like-minded collectors

  • Stay engaged with your fandoms over time

Build and curate your collection

Screenshots of the Suessibles! App from Tibles


Building your collection typically starts with opening your first pack in the SHOP. Most Tibles apps will include at least one FREE pack on iOS, and other packs start at just $2.99, so getting started is easy and free! Buy packs with Apple in app purchases, credit card, or FLOW tokens.


Items are sold in blind packs—the contents are random. That means you may end up with duplicate items. Not to worry. In-app TRADING is barter-style—swap your duplicates for needs with other collectors for FREE! Trading is the best way to complete your collections and make friends with people you can always count on for a trade.


Sometimes people just give stuff to each other. GIFTING items is built right in, and it’s FREE.


One of the newer, exciting ways to level up your collection is through CRAFTIBLES, the Tibles crafting feature. Convert several common items from your collection into new, rarer ones based on specific recipes.

Buying and Selling

Of course, there is also a MARKETPLACE (web only) where you can buy and sell to curate your collection, flip, speculate, or achieve other goals. The marketplace supports USD and FLOW transactions.

Organize and display your collectibles

Screenshots of the Aggretsuko App from Tibles

Your ROOM is the place to express yourself and organize the pieces of your collection that make you happiest.


Showcase items on your WALL—whether it’s meant to be seen by other people or it’s just for you to admire. Add your current favorites, rearrange them, and highlight special serials. SHARE your wall in the app’s forums or export it to social media.


Organize your items with STACKS. Make a stack of your lowest serials, your hoard (duplicates of one item/serial/theme), items you want to trade away, or any other kind of grouping.


The COLLECTION screen is where all your stuff lives. The dashboard provides an overview, while the other views show your items grouped, sorted, and filtered in different ways. Open items and swipe up for options, and go down the rabbit hole of data, like collection score, blockchain ID, and ownership history.

Socialize with like-minded collectors

Screenshots of the One Shots App from Tibles


Your collector identity includes your collection, how you organize and display it, and your custom PROFILE. Create your username, add a profile image, and write a blurb that describes your collecting goals. Customize the look of your room with different WALLPAPERS.


Chat with other people in public forums, private chats, or user-created chat rooms, all found in the CLUBHOUSE.


Collecting is better with FRIENDS who can help you with your collecting goals. Make friends with people you like to trade or chat with.

Join events to win prizes

Screenshots of the Sk8tibles App from Tibles


Tibles apps host a variety of community activities called EVENTS. There are different kinds of events and most include some type of reward.

SCAVENGER HUNTS require you to search for and post specific items.

In SHOWCASE EVENTS you post items based on some theme, even if it’s just to show us your favorites.

TRIVIA GAMES test your fandom knowledge.

LEADERBOARD CHALLENGES are the most competitive type of event. Enter your top-scoring items that fit the requirements, improve your collection, and climb the ranks. The scoring algorithm uses the rarity and serial number of the item, so top collectors have the edge.


REWARDS for participating in events range from TIBL tokens to new super rare collectibles.


Download a Tibles app today and start collecting for FREE.

  • Seussibles! Dr. Seuss stickers, sticker books, and cards.

  • Sk8tibles Skater cards with the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

  • Tibles Fraggle Rock Trading cards based on Jim Henson’s iconic television show recently revived on Apple TV.

  • Aggretsuko Tibles Sanrio’s anime sitcom on Netflix.

  • OneShots Comic book genre app featuring Valiant Entertainment.


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