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TIBL: A Token with a Purpose

We have introduced a native token for our feature-rich ecosystem.

TIBL Tokens

The Tibles ecosystem supports mobile apps targeting web2 audiences and fans of popular IP. The Tibles Token (TIBL) is an internal ecosystem token developed to enhance existing features and power new user experiences. Over the coming months, the team will 1) distribute tokens to the community, 2) build utility to support the token economy, 3) list TIBL on a public exchange, 4) add staking tools for access and rewards.


UPDATE: The genesis TIBL airdrop has completed. Open Seussibles!, OneShots, or Tibles Fraggle Rock iOS to claim yours.


How do you improve on a mobile-first, tactile collecting experience with interactive collectibles, easy in-app purchasing, free barter-style trading, leaderboards, crowd-pleasing crafting, free gifting, sharing, chatting, awesome community challenges with fun and rare prizes, a robust marketplace and more?

Introducing the Tibles Token (TIBL).

The Tibles Token will augment and amplify the collecting experience through loyalty, utility, currency, and staking.

Loyalty: Tokens will reward active collectors

In phase 1, our early adopters will receive claimable airdrops based on the Tibles collectibles they own. Going forward, collectors will also receive token rewards for buying packs or items in the marketplace. Additionally, tokens will be given out as prizes for in-app events, like mini-games and trivia challenges.

Over time, these distribution methods will get more tokens into the hands of collectors. The supply of tokens is capped, so the amount of tokens received as rewards may vary. However, allowing collectors to spend their tokens on goods and services will refill the treasury and balance the economy.

Utility: Tokens will enhance existing features and enable new ones

There has been a lot of talk of “utility” over the last couple of years. At Tibles, we do a lot of research on the psychology of collecting and digital ownership and have been careful about adding “extrinsic” utility to a collecting-focused experience. Why? Because adding extrinsic motivators to a collectible risks reducing its value through the overjustification effect: external incentives (utility/purpose) can decrease a person’s intrinsic motivation to collect or own an object.

But utility associated with being a collector, and being part of a community, can reinforce intrinsic motivations and enhance the joys of collecting.

That’s how we think about the Tibles token — it is a vehicle for utility. Collectors are intrinsically motivated to collect and are rewarded with tokens that can be used to improve their experience.

Examples of utility include:

  • Pack discounts: Redeem tokens to offset the price of packs.

  • Trading: Add tokens to sweeten a barter-style trade.

  • Crafting: Craftible ingredients or fees to accelerate crafting.

  • Tipping: Collectors rewarding each other.

  • VIP program: Special access, rewards, and recognition.

Currency: Tokens will be used for marketplace and pack purchases

The native Tibles Token will greatly simplify primary and secondary market transactions. Purchases will be internal to the ecosystem — no credit cards, cryptocurrencies, or other wallets required for token-based transactions. The interface can be “single-click” and fast.

Tokens can also be used to purchase other ecosystem goods and services, like feature unlocks, avatars, and access to special events.

Staking: Tokens will power new web3 interactions

Ultimately, tokens can be staked by people wanting greater participation in the ecosystem, including super collectors, publishers, developers, and app operators. Some ideas we are exploring include:

  • Staking tokens to customize and operate a marketplace.

  • Staking tokens to publish new content into the ecosystem.

  • Staking tokens to enter contests.

  • Staking tokens to join the Tibles DAO and help govern the ecosystem.

Rollout starts in Q2 2023

The Tibles Token launch may look a bit different than what people are used to. Importantly:

  • There will be no ICO. The token will not be listed on an exchange until it is majority-owned by the community.

  • The token will start off-chain, migrating on-chain before a future listing.

Our main objective is to distribute a large number of tokens to the community and start building a token-based economy.

Phase 1: Airdrop & Rewards

First we will distribute a large number of tokens to collectors via the initial airdrop and purchase rewards. Our objective is for the community to own at least 1/3 of the supply in the first three months.

Phase 2: Expanded Utility

Over the following months, we will release new ways for people to use tokens in Tibles apps. During this phase we will be gathering feedback from token holders and developing capabilities for managing the token economy.

Phase 3: Listing

Once at least 50% of the token supply is held by the community and it is being used in the ecosystem, we will migrate the token to on-chain and make it available for sale. Having a clear market value will unlock more uses for the token as a currency and staking mechanism. Listing is expected to be in 2024.


Launching a token is a big step for Tibles. Though we’ve been planning it for a few years, we’ve been focusing on building the collecting experience and a platform that can support many projects. We are at the point now that we believe a token can add tangible and meaningful benefits within the ecosystem and for our community.

The Tibles Token will add value by enhancing existing features and enabling new ones. Over time, people will develop their own ideas about its value to them in terms of the collectibles and collecting experiences in the Tibles ecosystem. Keep an eye out for your airdrop in the coming weeks.


Tibles is a digital collectibles and ownership company building authentic and engaging collecting experiences. We currently have over 12,000 collectors across four apps with licensed IP, most notably Seussibles!. Our mobile-first experience targets broad, non-crypto audiences. Our platform and wallet service simplify new project launches and operations.

Download a Tibles app today and start collecting for FREE.

  • Seussibles! Dr. Seuss stickers, sticker books, and cards.

  • Sk8tibles Skater cards with the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

  • Fraggle Rock Trading cards based on Jim Henson’s iconic television show recently revived on Apple TV.

  • Aggretsuko Sanrio’s anime sitcom on Netflix.

  • OneShots Comic book genre app featuring Valiant Entertainment.


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